National Mathematics Day celebrated

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: National Mathematics Day was organised in the state on Sunday to mark the 132nd birth anniversary of renowned mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.
In the state capital, the day was observed at the Arunachal Pradesh Science Centre, where Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science & Technology (APSCST) Director CD Mungyak elaborated the importance of mathematics in day-to-day life.
He urged teachers and students to study mathematics “in a fun way,” adding that “mathematics is a subject which increases the analytical power of the mind and lays the foundation of future success.”
Dera Natung Government College Mathematics HoD Dr KK Rai, and Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic College Mathematics HoD Arun Joram were the resource persons of the programme.
They highlighted the life of Ramanujan and his contributions to mathematics. The uses of mathematics were also discussed during an interactive session.
Over 200 students, along with teachers from various schools of the capital complex, officers of the APSCST, among others, were present on the occasion.
Prizes were distributed to the winners of the quiz and poster-making competitions that had been organised on 15 December.
National Mathematics Day was also observed at the VKV in Kurung Kumey HQ Koloriang.