Focus on strengthening ILP regime, CHR: Khandu

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jan 9: Chief Minister Pema Khandu called on the members of the state assembly to focus on strengthening the inner line permit (ILP) regime under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR), 1873, and the Chin Hills Regulation (CHR), 1896.
Responding to supplementary questions from Ninong Ering and Lombo Tayeng during the third session of the legislative assembly on Thursday regarding the status of the Chakmas and Hajongs in the state, Khandu, who also holds the political portfolio, informed that an all-party meeting will be held soon to strengthen the BEFR and the CHR.
“We are not utilizing the CHR appropriately. Concerned deputy commissioners have the power to extern ILP holders if their behaviour is found to be indecent or if they are considered a threat to the society and tradition of the state. We need to orient our officers,” he said.
Addressing concerns that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) could lead to negative implications – specifically, acquirement of citizenship by Chakmas and Hajongs – the CM said that “as Arunachal has already been exempted from the CAA, neither can they (Chakmas and Hajongs) apply for citizenship in the state nor can we process their applications. Even if they follow the mother act (CAA), a lot of documents will be required to qualify. Citizenship is not handed out that easily.”
He reiterated that all applications for citizenship by Chakmas and Hajongs in the state submitted after the Supreme Court order and before the CAA, 2019, were scrutinized and rejected by the state government as they did not qualify under the earlier citizenship act.

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2. “Arunachal mein betha ke fir citizenship dena; iska matlab ki Citizenship Amendment Act is again affecting Arunachal,” Lombo Tayeng on concerns that Chakmas and Hajongs could acquire citizenship in the state through the Citizenship Amendment Act.
3. “Citizenship aise thori na milta hai? Uska bhi koi rules hota hai… Unlog ko bhale hi citizenship alag state mein jaa ke mil sakta hai, but not from the soil of Arunachal Pradesh,” CM Pema Khandu, responding to the citizenship status of Chakmas and Hajongs after the CAA.
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