Conflicts – A part of life

[ CI Mannou ]
Conflicts are a part of our life, and their resolutions are essential. Conflicts occur when people do not share common goals or common ways to reach a particular objective, leading to some misunderstanding in a particular situation.
Conflicts lead to violence, which results in loss of life and properties. The disagreement may be personal, financial, political or illogical. As such, when a dispute arises, the best course of action is negotiation to resolve the disagreement in a satisfactory manner.
One should not rely on emails, notices and WhatsApp messages that may create hatred and cause people to lose their humanity. Efforts should be made, by peaceful means, to prevent escalation of conflicts. Issues should be dealt with through dialogue. By doing so, people will feel that they are part of the team, that they have a leader and not just a boss. This is a reality in social history.
In this context, it is known that organisations are built by visionary leaders who always try to toil together with their teammates to deliver services, using their rich experiences with hospitability. Organisations are therefore to give inspiration through guidance to help people dedicate themselves to the goals of the organisations to bring about amicable solutions.
So, experience is the most important tool that shapes mankind through analytic approach and positivity. It helps solve conflicts, and thereby helps the people to stand up for themselves and others and to learn how to live and work, which is essential for human life. (The writer is a Chongkham (Namsai)-based retired principal.)