Earth-cutting damaging Lobi-museum road

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Earth-cutting activities along the road connecting Lobi with the state museum here are damaging the road in several stretches.
This is a very important alternative road but remains neglected by the authorities.
Rampant earth-cutting along the road has reportedly been going for the last many years but the authorities have never initiated any action. The locals have requested the administration to depute an official at the earliest to assess the road’s condition.
“This road provides alternative connection to the people of Lobi, Mowb 2, etc, and helps to reduce traffic congestion on NH 415. However, due to earth-cutting, the condition of the road has deteriorated over the last few years,” said a resident.
The locals allege that the administration’s order banning earth-cutting is being defied in the area.