Min inspects plantation, R&D centre

ROING, Jan 31: Agriculture Minister Tage Taki on Friday inspected the 200-hectare oil palm plantation of a progressive farmer, besides the government fish farm in Khinjili, the government horticulture nursery in Balek, and the upcoming horticulture research and development (R&D) centre in Balek, in Lower Dibang Valley district.
The minister, who was accompanied by MLA Mutchu Mithi, Agriculture Director Anong Lego and HoDs, spoke about the government’s vision to double the farmers’ income
through agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry.
“Rearing of pigs and fishes are viable occupations that can be sustained and made profitable only if the farmer stops importing feed,” he said.
Taki advocated cultivating crops like maize, soyabean and mustard to prepare animal feed, saying it would bring down the cost of feed and help in the survival and growth of pig and fish rearing units.
The minister also advocated intercropping crops like maize to increase the harvest and improve soil nutrition. He expressed admiration at the scale of the oil palm plantation of progressive farmer Dature Miuli.
Mithi spoke about the “huge potential that Lower Dibang Valley district has in terms of agriculture and horticulture and the vast land resource available.”
He requested the minister to pay special attention to the area’s development and promote the farmers here.
State Oil Palm Officer I Nyori and progressive farmer Miuli also spoke. (DIPRO)