‘Smart city Itanagar’ seeks cooperation

ITANAGAR, Jan 1: ‘Smart city Itanagar’ CEO Bhanu Prabha has sought cooperation from various departments and the residents of the city in preparing the ‘Ease of living (EoL) and municipal performance index’ to improve the performance of Itanagar.
The housing & urban affairs ministry has set 14 February as the deadline for completion of the task.
“The index aims to assess the EoL of the people living in the cities across three pillars of EoL, which are quality of life, economic ability and sustainability, and which comprise 14 categories (among them education, health, housing, safety and security, recreation, economic development, economic opportunities, environment, and energy consumption) and 50 indicators,” Joint CEO Tadar Tarang informed in a press release.
The Centre seeks to assist smart cities and other cities with a population of over a million in assessing the three outcomes which will eventually lead to better planning and management of the cities.
The housing & urban affairs ministry has launched the first ever Municipal Performance Index-2019 to assess and analyze the performance of municipalities across the country in all 100 smart cities and million-plus population cities, based on their defined set of functions.
The assessment will examine the sectoral performance of municipalities, as well as the different departments under the EoL index, which include 20 sectors and 100 indicators.
The EoL index will act as a guide to evidence-based policymaking; catalyze action to achieve broader developmental outcomes, including the sustainable development goals; assess and compare the outcomes achieved by municipal bodies; give citizens an insight into the functioning of local bodies; and build a dialogue between the stakeholders.
The ‘citizen perception survey’ is being carried out both online and offline, though Facebook, Twitter, hoardings at prominent landmarks and institutions, posters on public transport, and newspaper advertisements.
This survey will continue till the end of February. The details are available online at https://eol2019.org/citizenfeedback, https://www.facebook.com/ItanagarCity/, and https://twitter.com/Smart_Itanagar.