53rd Boori Boot Yullo starts

NYIRUBJOLLI, Feb 2: The 53rd Boori Boot Yullo celebration in the capital complex began with the beating of the brass plate (tal) by forest officer Tapu Gapak at the Nyikum Niya ground here on Sunday.
Boori Boot Yullo is celebrated in the first Nyishi month of ‘Rajo Pol’ (February) by the Nyishi community of Kamle district. It is believed that in the month of ‘Rajo Pol’ the gods and goddesses are in their warmest disposition towards mankind.
Boori Boot Yullo is not only celebrated to worship the almighty for peace, prosperity and happiness of all human beings, it is also a symbol of unity and equality. It provides an opportunity to improve oneself to be a better human being.
Addressing the gathering, Gapak said “the essence of the celebration of this festival should be protection, promotion and preservation of tradition and culture.”
He urged everyone to participate in the festival, irrespective of one’s religion.
‘Boori Boot’ means getting together to welcome the spring and a successful harvest. It is celebrated every year from 2-6 February.