Gao calls on Govt of India to redraw country’s political map

Staff Reporter
NEW DELHI, Feb 5: Eastern Arunachal Parliamentarian Tapir Gao has urged the Government of India to “redraw” the country’s political map to include Angie valley of Anini and Drai valley, Kajab and Kayo valley of Chaglagam area in Anjaw district.
Gao raised the political map issue during the zero hour discussion in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.
He claimed that “more than 120 kilometers have been carved out by the Survey of India and British India” in the said areas of eastern Arunachal Pradesh that share boundary with China.
“More than 120 KMs had been curved out by Survey of India in Angie valley-Fish Tail-1 (FT-1) in Dibang Valley district. Also in Fish Tail-2 (FT-2), like Drai Valley, Kajab valley and Kayo valley of Chaglagam areas in Anjaw district,” said Gao.
He also claimed that “the Hadigra Dakahru pass, Galai Tagaru pass and Tatu pass (all border out posts) in Chaglagam areas are on top of the hill and exist outside the map drawn in the Indian political map,” and suggested that the political map should be redrawn, including all these areas as per the Line of Actual Control and the Watershed Policy.
Gao called upon the Government of India, especially the Survey of India to take note.
“How is the POK being shown under the Indian Political map under Modi’s leadership? Angei valley of Dibang valley district, and the Kajab valley and Kayo valley of Chaglahgam areas in Anjaw district, should be shown under the Indian political map,” he said.
Gao raised the boundary issue after a highly confidential meeting with the Indian Army at the Raj Bhavan in Itanagar, which was chaired by Governor of Arunachal Pradesh BD Mishra on 27 January last.
The high level meeting was attended by Chief Minister Pema Khandu, Legislative Assembly Speaker Passang Dorjee Sona, Eastern Command GOC-in-C Lt Gen Anil Chauhan and 4 Corps GOC Lt Gen Shantanu Dayal.