Likabali bandh announced

LIKABALI, Feb 23: The Jigo Yego Students’ Union (JYSU) here in Lower Siang district has announced a 12-hour Likabali bandh on Monday in protest over the physical assault on an Arunachalee person in Assam.
The union said that ex-ASM Modam Dini and his wife were assaulted in an incident of road rage in Dibrugarh, Assam, on 19 February. The assaulter has been identified as one Nihal Sensua, of Hubrasuk Borborua village in Dibrugarh.
Reportedly, the man hit Dini’s car from the wrong side while attempting to overtake it, and later manhandled the ex-ASM.
Besides announcing the bandh, the union has demanded that the authority concerned take stringent action against the assaulter.