APSSB fiasco: Arrested officials turn out to be candidates

[ Nellie N Manpoong ]
ITANAGAR, Feb 26: In an incredible turn of event, two officials who were recently arrested in connection with the malpractice in the LDC/ JSA examination conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh State Selection Board (APSSB) have been found to be candidates.
According to sources, data entry operators (DEO) in the APSSB, Khem Raj and Tame Tania had also appeared for the LDC/ JSA examination and had been selected for the skill test. They were arrested on 19 and 20 February, respectively for being in cahoots with former APSSB undersecretary Kapter Ringu and for tampering with the examination process.
While the duo did not have to make a payment to clear the examination, they were allegedly helping Ringu in the scam in various ways.
Special Investigation Cell Superintendent of Police M Harsha Vardhan has confirmed that the APSSB employees, Raj and Tania were also candidates.
Additionally, it was reported that Tania’s sister also appeared for the examination and had qualified for the skill test.
However, the SP said that before he could provide more details, involvement of other candidates in the examination malpractice has to be verified through further investigation.
Earlier, former APSSB chairman AC Verma had informed that the strong room for the examination papers “have three locks, the keys of which are in the possession of different officers.”
Nonetheless, it is learnt that the keys to the three locks were in two sets with two officers, one of which was with Ringu.
On learning of the new development, a protesting candidate questioned on how employees, who were also candidates, could be allowed to participate actively in the examination process.
“They should have been sent on leave or not been connected with the examination process in any way if they were also candidates,” the candidate said.
While it is clear that the APSSB’s examination system has been severely compromised, the accused in custody have also been seeking bail on medical grounds.
The first arrested candidate, Senia Bagang was given bail on Tuesday as she is a lactating mother, while alleged broker Mongam Basar is still in police custody.
Ringu’s bail plea was also rejected by the high court.