Panchayat polls on party tickets

After much debate and discussion, the government of Arunachal Pradesh finally seems to have come to the conclusion to conduct the coming panchayat election on party line. On Monday, during the first day of the budget session of the state assembly, Panchayati Raj Minister Bamang Felix made the announcement in this regard. The idea of ‘party-less panchayat polls’ was first mooted by Chief Minister Pema Khandu while attending the National Press Day celebration at Namsai on 16 November. Since then, there have been debates and discussions over it in various forums. While the majority of citizens seem to favour the idea of conducting panchayat polls without party basis, the state government in all probability buckled under the pressure of the party’s cadre.
The BJP cadre obviously would love to fight the polls on the party’s ticket, which makes it easier for them to win. The ruling party’s ticket holders have huge edge over others. There must have been immense pressure on CM Pema Khandu from his party cadre to conduct the polls on party line. However, this was a rare opportunity to let quality people join politics without worrying about party politics. One of the main reasons the people, especially the educated lot, avoid political battles is because they don’t want to waste time in trying to please the political masters for favours. The conduct of the panchayat polls without party line would have opened the opportunity for these groups of people to try their luck in the political battle. Many had seen hope when CM Pema Khandu had openly pitched for it.