Trg on scientific kiwi cultivation imparted

SANGO, Mar 5: Over 100 farmers from Sango and adjoining villages participated in a training programme on ‘Cultivation package of practices of kiwi with modern technical inputs’, organized here by the Kurung Kumey district horticulture office on Wednesday.
During the programme, which was sponsored under the Nyapin MLA’s local area development fund, Nyapin ADC Otem Jamoh suggested to the farmers to give up traditional horticultural practices in favour of scientific and systematic horticulture cultivation.
He advised them to seek technical guidance from the horticulture department prior to establishing orchards, “so that planting distance, proper layout of garden, and quality planting material can be maintained.”
Former ASM Kipa Tadap urged the farmers to take up kiwi cultivation professionally and to focus on proper cultivation and maintenance of gardens, rather than worrying about marketing, “as the market will follow where there is good quality and heavy produce.”
District Horticulture Officer Kuru Ama made a PowerPoint presentation on the wild kiwi found in the region “and its connection with the present cultivated kiwi.”
He also spoke on “varietal identification of kiwi, layout, pit preparation training, and pruning of kiwi plant.”
Horticulture Development Officer (HQ) Tai Janu made a PowerPoint presentation on the theme of the programme, which also saw the participation of members of NGOs and social worker Phassang Bunghi.