APUWJ condemns inordinate delay in providing justice to Tongam, disappearance of evidence in AT assault case

ITANAGAR, Mar 6: Taking strong exception to the inordinate delay in providing justice to senior journalist Tongam Rina and the office of The Arunachal Times, the Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) has condemned the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities on display.
The cases of vandalism at The Arunachal Times’ office and the attempt to murder Rina are currently pending in different courts in the state. With the facts laid bare, it has come to light that a number of evidence relating to the cases have gone missing from the Itanagar police station’s evidence room.
“While as a community we are deeply shocked by such developments, such revelations should be a matter of concern for all citizens,” the APUWJ said.
“The disappearance of evidence in such violent cases is not only alarming but also reflective of the ineptitude of the investigative machinery,” it said, adding that if cases relating to the press, which gives voice to the people, are handled with such callousness, “one shudders to think how cases involving the vulnerable are handled.”
“As a body, we still would like to keep our faith in the police and the judiciary. We hope that these two important pillars of our Indian democracy do not fail us,” the APUWJ said.

APWWS seeks GoAP’s intervention

Meanwhile, taking serious note of the report regarding the disappearance of the video footage of the attack on The Arunachal Times office and the evidence related to the attempt to murder senior journalist Tongam Rina, the Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society (APWWS) on Thursday appealed to the state government to look into the matter.
“It is very unfortunate that the video footage, which is a crucial evidence, is untraceable. It needs proper enquiry by the police department. Justice delayed is justice denied, which is very much apt in this instance where the victim had to wait for the last eight years without any kind of hearing of the case,” the APWWS said.
“The attack on the fourth pillar is a matter of grave concern. We are concerned for the safety and security of Tongam Rina, an associate with the APWWS in fighting various social evils. We have seen her struggle with her health after the shooting incident which also left a deep psychological impact on her. We are deeply pained,” the APWWS said.