NGO seeks cancellation of Malini Mela over Covid-19 fear

LIKABALI, Mar 9: NGO Hope Arunachal has requested the Lower Siang district administration to cancel the Malini Mela-2020 for the safety of the community, employees, local residents and healthcare providers from Covid-19.
The NGO’s director, Dr Rima Taipodia, while noting that it would be difficult to move a major event, called on the administration to “consider developing contingency plans for emerging infectious diseases.”
“With the Malini Mela-2020 just a few days away, organizers need to hold discussions with the health department to ensure the mega event does not lead to a wider spreading of the coronavirus… Not doing so could jeopardize the health of the public at large through large crowds at state boundary, further contributing to the expansion of the potential pandemic,” Dr Taipodia said.

Awareness meeting held

The Tirap district administration and the health department held an awareness meeting in Khonsa on Monday to discuss the spread of Covid-19.
Khonsa ADC Kretkam Tikhak informed the gathering of chiefs, gaon burahs, interim PRIs, members of NGOs and SHGs, religious leaders, heads of department and people from different parts of the district about Covid-19, and asked them to spread the information about the virus among their families, relatives and friends.
DMO Dr K Mossang informed that there is no vaccine currently available against Covid-19, and advocated taking precautionary measures.
He urged the people to visit the general hospital here or any nearby health centre and consult the doctors in case of symptomatic cough or fever.
District Surveillance Officer (IDSP), Dr Palash Rakshit, highlighted the dos and don’ts, and advised people not to panic unnecessarily and not to buy antibiotic medicines without doctor’s advice or prescription.
Basic hygiene methods, including a demonstration on hand-washing with soap, were taught to the gathering by ICDS Deputy Director Hacham Bangsia.