APCS officer attacked with machete at Anini

ITANAGAR, March 11: An Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service (APCS) officer was reportedly attacked with a machete (dao) on March 7 by two persons at Anini under Dibang Valley district.
The attackers have been identified as Ingo Molo and Athuko Tayu. The later is presently employed as a night guard (chowkidar) under the district medical office in Dibang Valley.
As narrated by the officer, he was returning to his quarter, post dinner from a colleague’s place on the night of 7 March. He and fellow officers noticed a vehicle tailing their vehicle. The officer tried indicating the tailing vehicle to overtake but it kept following them for about 4 to 5 kms.
Reportedly, as soon as the officer indicated to turn into the colony road of his quarter, the tailing vehicle came forward and blocked his vehicle. The officer rolled his windows down and enquired with the occupants of car, who was reportedly heavily intoxicated. After few exchanges of words, and without any provocation, one of the persons came out of the car with a machete in his hand. The officer too came out of his car to face him, but before he could react, the officer was attacked with the machete.
Thereafter, the officer went to the police station and filed an FIR. The accused were apprehended the very next day and put in lock up.
However, when the officer came to Roing for medical treatment on 9 March, the accused were released on bail.
In the meantime, the APCS Officers’ Association has demanded strict action against the two accused, with immediate suspension and initiation of departmental enquiry against Athuko Tayu, who is an employee of the district medical office.
“An example must be set to send a message that such attacks on officers will not be tolerated in a civilized society,” the association said in a release.