Admin urged to focus on infrastructure development

LEMMI, Mar 14: The All Pakke-Kessang District Students’ Union has urged the district administration to focus on infrastructure development in the newly created district.
In a representation to the deputy commissioner, the union on Friday said, “The district, being the youngest among all districts in the state, is yet to witness the basic necessities in all the sectors, more particularly in education, health, telecom and water supply, etc.”
The union, whose members recently visited various schools in the district, requested the administration to instruct the department concerned to “carry out demarcation and mapping of all the government schools in the district within this year,” and to ensure early construction of boundary walls around all the government schools in phases “to solve the school land encroachment issues permanently.”
The union also requested the DC to direct the department concerned to increase the number of medical staffers, along with the basic amenities, at the Pakke-Kessang community health centre, and to direct the medical staff to be sincere in carrying out their duties.
It also demanded regular electricity supply in Lemmi and the district as a whole, besides 4G internet connectivity in the district at the earliest.
Also demanding fair conduct of interviews for government jobs in the district, the union said that “job applicants from outside the district must not be entertained for any job within the district.”