Construction of underpass at Bank Tinali halted

Admin to work out solution, says ADM

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: The construction of the underpass at Bank Tinali here as part of the ongoing four-lane highway work has reportedly been halted because of obstruction by the building owners and shopkeepers of the area.
The Bank Tinali area often witnesses heavy traffic jams, and the underpass has been planned in order to decongest traffic.
“There is the office of the NABARD, the Vishal shopping mall, and other commercial buildings in the area. The building owners asked the construction agency to stop work, saying it will hurt their businesses,” a source informed this daily.
The stoppage of the work is expected to further delay the whole four-lane project.
Speaking to this daily, ADM Talo Potom, who is also the highway administrator, admitted that the building owners did create obstacles, but gave assurance that the administration is ready to work out a solution.
“As the monsoon is approaching fast, once the underpass work starts, it has to be completed at one go, without any stoppage of work. We are ready to provide full support to the construction agency if it assures us of this. The construction agency will have to exhibit willingness. Let me be clear: no one will be spared if they try to stop the work on the four-lane road,” he said.
Potom said the state government has accorded utmost importance to this project.
“Once the underpass work starts in full swing, the citizens will face traffic issues in the Bank Tinali area,” he said, and appealed to everyone to extend cooperation.
The ADM said he is regularly monitoring the progress of the work, in coordination with TK Engineering, the construction agency for the four-lane project.
“People keep on obstructing work on a daily basis, sometimes even for silly reasons. We are always on our toes to deal with any problem. The people should also extend cooperation to the construction agency and be good citizens,” Potom said.