Illegal coke manufacturing plants busted in Kharsang

[ Pisi Zauing ]
KHARSANG, Mar 22: A team of officers headed by Geology & Mining Secretary Anirudh Saran Singh and Director Tassar Talar, with assistance from the Changlang district administration and police, on Sunday busted several coke manufacturing plants here and dismantled them.
During the inspection and dismantling of the plants, the team found the existence of more than 50 coke bhattas in Kharsang area, and huge quantities of unlawfully extracted mounds of coal and coke in the premises of these manufacturing units.
Taking serious note of the illegal activity, Singh instructed the Miao ADC to take prompt action against the persons involved in illegal mining, and to seize all the raw coal and finished products.
The villagers of Longtom, the epicentre of illegal mining in Kharsang administrative circle, informed the team that raw coal is usually extracted from the Namchick-Namphuk coalfield and supplied to coke bhattas at the rate of “Rs 9000 per tipper.”
The coke bhattas in and around Kharsang are principal procurers of unlawfully extracted coals. They convert them into the finished product, coke, and then supply it outside of Arunachal at higher prices, resulting in huge loss of revenue to the state exchequer.
Commending the stringent action, the locals expressed hope that the government would leave no stone unturned to ensure that no illegal mining takes place again.
Along with the Namchick-Namphuk coalfields, the government must also protect Miao area from destruction by coal mafias, they said.