Tuki urges Khandu to allot sufficient fund to combat Covid-19

ITANAGAR, Mar 22: Former chief minister Nabam Tuki urged Chief Minister Pema Khandu to allot sufficient fund to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.
“The measures we have taken are good, but we need to take more precautions to ensure that our people are protected from contracting the virus,” Tuki wrote to Khandu on 19 March.
Expressing appreciation for the state government for putting in place various measures so far to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Tuki suggested to Khandu to train and prepare the medical personnel and arm them with all the required equipment for testing and treating patients who may have contracted the virus.
“It is important that we take great care to screen the students returning from the various metro cities of India. My suggestion to the government is that we quarantine all those who come from outside the state until we get full assurance that they are free from the virus,” he said.
Though the state is still free from Covid-19, it is possible that people from outside may have entered the state undetected for the virus, Tuki said.
He advised the people to not move from urban areas to rural areas and vice versa and maintain high degree of personal hygiene to protect themselves from the virus.