LDV DA issues advisories, 100 home quarantined

[ Karyir Riba ]
Roing, Mar 25: The LDV District Administration, Police and Medical Department has been working aptly hand-in-hand since the district started taking precautionary measures against the covid-19.
The DA has released a detailed advisory today regarding the rules and regulations to be followed by the people of the district during the 21 days lockdown period. The order has very clear mention of the timings of when grocery stores of different parts of the main market can remain open.
The vegetable market and designated grocery stores will remain open from 9am to 12noon strictly. Different villages/areas under the district have been designated particular days where they can visit the market for these essentials. This was a very required step, especially to control the movement and restrict over crowding in the market area.
Despite the lockdown orders, many people could be seen loitering around unnecessarily around town. SP Roing Sanjay Kumar Sain and his patrolling team had to use stringent measures to control the same. Many violators were punished with sit-ups by the SP and let go after a strict warning to remain indoors.
Till date, reportedly 5 people have been quarantined at the quarantine facility, and more than 100 have been home quarantined within the district. In order to monitor the people under home quarantine, the DA has, reportedly, divided the district into sectors which have been put under 1 head of department and police personnel each. These HoDs have been given a list of all people under home quarantine in their areas for strict monitoring. They are checking up on the people and monitoring their health status everyday and providing reports to the DA.
Meanwhile, three youths from Assam who tried to enter Arunachal through Shantipur Checkgate during the course of lockdown have been arrested by the Roing Police. Reportedly, on being stopped, the three attempted to forcefully enter and also pelted stones on passing vehicles. A case has been registered against them.