22 arrested in E/Siang for defying lockdown

PASIGHAT, Mar 28: The East Siang district administration has warned of legal action against those who defy the 21-day lockdown in place across the district.
According to a source, the police have so far registered nine FIRs, arrested 22 people, and detained 40 persons for violating the lockdown order. The police have imposed fines on 122 persons and realized over Rs 1.30 lakh within three days.
The administration and the police have asked the people to follow the lockdown order to ensure the safety of the entire community. The administration has directed the police to take “strong measures to restrain
undue movement of people” on the roads and in marketplaces in the district.
Several people have been seen loitering on the roads in Pasighat and Ruksin, pretending to be buyers of grocery and medicines.
According to the health department, 340 persons who have returned to the district from abroad have been asked to remain in self-quarantine for 14 days.