Arunachalee students in Dehradun receive rations

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 29: Students from Arunachal spread across Dehradun, in Uttarakhand, have started receiving essential grocery items at their rented accommodations through volunteer students since Saturday.
Arunachal Dehradun Students’ Union women’s wing president Duyu Rija informed this daily that rations were delivered to five major spots – ISBT, Manduwala, Sudhowala, Premnagar and Selaqui – with the help of volunteers and the union’s members.
The ration bags contain rice, rice flour, oil, salt, turmeric powder and chilli powder, provided with help from the Arunachal and the Uttarakhand governments.
“About 250 packets have been delivered so far, and the rest they will deliver by (Sunday) evening or by Monday morning,” Rija said.
“Because of the lockdown our parents are unable to send us money. Moreover, it is the end of the month, so we were facing hard times,” she said.
About 300 Arunachalee students are stranded in Dehradun due to the nationwide lockdown.
Jamoya Tayu informed from Tamil Nadu that some of them had stocked essential items for a week in advance as they were aware of the situation.
However, some students are still facing racial discrimination on the streets, and have decided to ask the authorities concerned to deliver the groceries, Tayu said.