Dismayed SP urges capital’s residents to remain indoors

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 30: Capital SP Tumme Amo expressed dismay at the lack of social distancing among people he said he observed during an inspection from Chimpu to Banderdewa on Monday.
“The condition is not good, especially in Itanagar. People do not listen and nobody is maintaining social distancing. Everyone is out for groceries every other day, or going to the hospital for minor ailments. The USA and Italy are far ahead of us in terms of economy and health facilities, but they are in terrible condition now due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Why are our people not understanding the gravity of the situation?” he said.
The SP informed that efforts are on to make the home delivery services more efficient, so that fewer people venture out to buy groceries.
On police atrocities, he said: “I have instructed my men to go down on their knees and ask people to go back to their homes.
People get angry even if we hit them lightly. They do not understand that we are not having fun doing this. People should be responsible citizens and understand that it is best to sit at home and help in stopping or spreading of the virus in Arunachal.”
The SP also raised apprehension over whether people who have recently arrived from outside the state were following the quarantine instructions or not.
“I am glad that the Covid-19 tests that we had came out negative, but I have my doubts and feel that it has already arrived in the state. Let 400 people be tested, and then we can see if their tests also come out negative,” he said.
Amo requested the public to let the police do their work, so that the health workers do not have to be engaged in large numbers if Covid-19 positive cases are detected.
“I am also concerned for the security personnel. We did not even have masks till a day or two back. We still do not have sufficient hand gloves,” the SP said, and requested everyone to stay in their homes and come out only if it is absolutely necessary.