Public contribute to L/Subansiri DA

ZIRO, Apr 8: M/s Puna Hinda Construction Company has donated Rs 1 lakh to the Lower Subansiri district administration to support its fight against Covid-19.
Several local entrepreneurs, individuals, SHGs, welfare organizations, the NEEPCO, and the Yachuli unit of the NES also contributed in cash and kind to the administration.
Entrepreneur Gem Taje has donated Rs 20,000, Nabam Chada contributed Rs 30,000 on behalf of the Yachuli NES unit, and ARK Resort proprietor Tasso Butang and former Yazali ACP Nabam Piju have donated Rs 10,000 each.
The Pitapool Anchal Welfare Committee (Old Pitapool) contributed Rs 5,000 to the Yazali CO.
The NEEPCO has donated materials for cleaning the quarantine centres, and Potin-based NGO Chun Dwn Ajin provided lunch to the police, medical and administration teams stationed at Potin for carrying out thermal screening. (DIPRO)