Home-quarantined people in L/Subansiri asymptomatic

HAPOLI, Apr 11: All the home-quarantined people in Lower Subansiri district remain asymptomatic, the nodal officers and supervisors posted at the villages informed during a meeting held here on Saturday to review the status of the home-quarantined people.
The nodal officers and supervisors presented the latest reports on the status of such people, and said monitoring will be continued even after the quarantine period ends.
Deputy Commissioner Chukhu Takar said those who have been advised home quarantine should follow the advisory in letter and spirit.
“The actual problem will start when the lockdown will be relaxed and our people stranded across the country will start returning back. We will have to be more vigilant and have standard operating procedures (SOP) in place to ensure that there is proper screening and absolute quarantine,” he said.
DMO, Dr Tage Kanno, informed that after 14 April, the quarantine facilities will be categorized into “Covid care centre for rapid test negative and asymptotic people; dedicated Covid centre for rapid test positive and asymptotic cases; and dedicated Covid hospital for confirmed and symptomatic cases.”
“The contact tracing of people coming from outside the state after 14 April will be our baseline for quarantine,” he said, and requested the administration to “depute responsible officers for contact tracing and allow the medical team to dedicate completely for clinical cases.”
EAC Bamin Tarang informed that a committee has already been formed for facilitating and monitoring the quarantine centres in the district.
“The district will also frame its own SOP, keeping in mind the local conditions, for receiving and transporting people coming into Ziro after 14 April,” he said.
Tarang informed that the Doding Dollo Primary Level Federation donated Rs 10,000 and the NES’ Ziro unit donated Rs 2 lakhs to the administration for combating Covid-19. Also, Jotam Tat, Tabia Chobin and Toko Nikam donated Rs 10,000 each, he said.
SP Hemant Tiwari, ADC Nending Chatung and other officers also attended the meeting. (DIPRO)