Nlg flooded with traffic despite lockdown

Staff Reporter
NAHARLAGUN, Apr 13: Despite the state being under complete lockdown, heavy traffic and large-scale movement of people were witnessed here on Monday, prompting outrage among concerned citizens on social media.
The Naharlagun police, who were caught off-guard by the sudden rush, swung into action and managed to control the situation.
Speaking to the media, Naharlagun PS OC K Yangfo informed that the situation came about due to confusion over the curfew and lockdown orders.
“People thought they could move around during morning and could not go out only during the curfew period, which starts at 3 pm. However, the police personnel posted at various points took control of the situation. We will ensure that the lockdown is a success. I appeal to the people not to come out of home unless there is urgent work,” Yangfo said.
He said essential services are being properly delivered and the people should cooperate with the authorities and stop panicking.
The OC added that the police are fully prepared to impose the lockdown till 30 April, as decided by the state government.