Hand-sanitizing facility installed

PALIN; Apr 21: An innovative hand-sanitizing facility has been installed for public use at Yapap Geko, the entry gate to Kra Daadi and Kurung Kumey districts, by the PHE&WS division here in Kra Daadi district.
“The technique uses a foot pedal/lever to draw the liquid/sanitizer with ease. The users need not touch and tap or press the bottle to draw the liquid/sanitizer, thereby minimizing the chances of transmission of the virus/disease,” said Palin PHE&WS EE Likha Tekhi.
He said the facility has been installed keeping in mind the importance of hand-washing to prevent spread of Covid-19.
After inspecting the facility, Kra Daadi DC S Miji commended the department’s innovative approach and encouraged it to install such hand-washing facilities at strategic locations in Palin town also. (DIPRO)