World Veterinary Day celebrated

DIRANG, Apr 25: The National Research Centre on Yak (NRCY) here in West Kameng district celebrated World Veterinary Day in the institute’s campus on 25 April.
All preventive measures, including physical distancing, were observed during the celebration by a limited number of scientific, administrative and financial staffers of the institute.
NRCY senior scientist, Dr D Medhi, made a PowerPoint presentation on the day’s theme, ‘Environmental protection for improving animal and human health’, which was prepared by veterinary medicine scientist, Dr Shyam Sundar Choudhary, and emailed from Rajasthan as he could not make it to the event owing to the nationwide lockdown.
Based on the presentation, Dr Medhi spoke about the environment’s interrelation with animal and human health; the effects of environmental degradation on animals and humans; and the role and responsibility of the veterinarians in maintaining the health of animals and humans.
NRCY Director, Dr P Chakravarty, urged the institute’s staff to maintain a pollution-free environment in the campus, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis.
He also advised the participants to “take up strict preventive measures against Covid-19, following the ICARs’ guidelines, for the welfare of the staff, neighbours, farmers, the society, and the yaks in the Nyukmadung farm.”
Drs V Paul and Joken Bam spoke on the increasing population and environmental pollutants, and emerging diseases like the coronavirus, respectively.
Dr Vijay Paul also spoke.