No LPG cylinders, fuel for those without masks

ITANAGAR, Apr 26: No consumer will be allowed to purchase fuel for their vehicles, or LPG cylinders, in the capital region if they are not wearing a mask, Capital DFCSO Amit Bengia said on Sunday.
Informing that wearing masks is mandatory, the DFCSO said, “No consumer will be allowed to take fuel from the petrol depots if they are not wearing masks. LPG cylinders will also not be provided by the delivery person/vehicle or at the gas agencies if the rule is not followed.”
“The capital administration has taken a tough stand, and we have to keep ourselves safe and follow the advisories and guidelines,” Bengia said.
Meanwhile, Capital Complex Petroleum Depot Association president Arun Kipa Loram said directions have already been passed to all petrol pump owners and managers to ensure that there is no negligence during work hours.
He appealed to consumers not to insist or force the staffers to violate the order in any way. He also advised consumers to stay indoors and not try to acquire excess fuel.
“As of now there is no shortage of fuel in the capital region,” Loram said.