Man detained for posting false information

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Apr 29: The police in Siang district detained a man on Tuesday for reportedly posting false information about a Covid-19 quarantine facility on social media.
The man, identified as Nanggom Gammi from Kerang village, had allegedly posted pictures of villagers cooking inside the village school premises under Kaying circle in Siang district. In his social media post, he had claimed that people are cooking food inside the quarantine facility at Kerang.
However, it was informed that there is no such officially identified quarantine facility in the village.
Gammi was released on Wednesday under a personal bond by the Kaying EAC after he apologized to the district administration and deleted his Facebook post.
The Siang district administration had drawn widespread criticisms on social media after Gammi’s post was circulated.
Perturbed by Gammi’s purported false information, the district administration filed a complaint against Gammi and directed the police to detain him for spreading false information.
Reportedly, as preventive measure, the Kerang village committee has arranged the village school as home-quarantine center for all the returnees.
“There is no quarantine facility at Kerang village. The man had mischievously posted the picture of villagers who quarantined themselves for safety measure as suggested by the village committee” said Siang Deputy Commissioner Rajiv Takuk.
“We have put up a quarantine facility at Boleng and Panging. The Boleng facility has capacity for 50 people and Pangin has capacity for 100 people. There is no quarantine facility at any village,” the DC added.
The family shown in Gammi’s post had reportedly come back to the village from Pasighat and they were staying at the school as suggested by the village committee.
As per reports, many villages in Adi-inhabited areas have designated village community halls and schools as quarantine facility for all the returnees from outside the districts.
This daily could not contact the man reportedly detained by the police for posting the information.