Gov greets workforce on May Day

ITANAGAR, Apr 30: Governor BD Mishra has conveyed his good wishes to the people of the state in general and to the workforce in particular on the occasion of International Labour Day, also known as May Day.
“On this Labour Day, I salute the commitment and hard work of the workers for the development of the state,” the governor said in his message.
“In the ever-demanding environment of today, it is our responsibility to prepare our workforce for the contemporary and anticipated challenges. Let us commit to fostering an environment where labourers’ innovation succeeds and opportunities thrive,” the governor said.
“As we appreciate the contributions of our workers, let us rededicate ourselves and resolve to work unitedly and build a prosperous and progressive Arunachal Pradesh tomorrow, and more importantly, in the process, ensure the best welfare measures and amenities for our labour force today,” he said.
In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mishra urged the workers to help in the implementation of the lockdown, maintain physical distancing and all other prescribed precautions to overcome the pandemic, while exhorting the workers to “partake in the process of restoration of the state’s economy.” (Raj Bhavan)