ANYA urges govt to reconsider decision to bring back stranded people

ITANAGAR, May 2: The All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has urged the state government to reconsider its decision to bring back the students of the state who are stuck outside, in view of the rising Covid-19 positive cases, especially in the red zones.
The association said that, as there are no adequate facilities to put all of them under quarantine when they return, it would create a chaotic situation.
“There are at least 13,000 people, including students, who are intending to return to the state,” said ANYA president Byabang Joram.
He said the quarantine centre in Banderdewa could hardly accommodate 1000 persons.
The ANYA president further stated that the people would be travelling through many Covid-19 zones and states during their return journey, which would increase the chances of contracting the disease.
“Instead of bringing those stranded people back, the government should extend financial assistance to them until quarantine facilities are made ready and available for all the returnees,” he said.
The association also urged the state government to trace the travel/contact history of all the returnees post lockdown and put them under quarantine for 14 days as per the standard operating procedure.