Impractical MHA, state guidelines hampering ground work

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, May 5: The state government has been following the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) guidelines, hampering groundwork. The prime example is allowing the free movement of trucks, wherein the truck drivers carrying essential goods are reportedly allowed to enter the state without any prohibition.
The medical teams working at the ground say that everybody that enters the state should go through the mandatory quarantine and checks.
But following the MHA guidelines, the truckers are allowed free entry and the task is left on to the medical team to track them down because they come from states, like Maharashtra, Telangana, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, where many cases of Covid-19 have been reported.
On the other hand, the state government’s decision to restrict entry till 6 PM is another major cause of concern for the teams working on the ground.
Many enter the gates after 6 PM in private vehicles.
“We follow the SOP but there is no mechanism to stop people coming in after 6 PM,” say the health workers.
“The government was supposed to bring in people returning from outside the state in batches in busses, but many are coming in private vehicles and we are not able to keep track of them,” they said.
Students returning from Kota reached a quarantine facility at 2 AM even though the gates were supposed to be closed at 6 PM.