Changlang admin initiates steps as locals face shortage of vegetables, meat

Staff Reporter
CHANGLANG, May 6: Locals in Changlang headquarters have claimed that imposition of strict rules for movement of transport vehicles from Assam in view of the nationwide lockdown, has led to a shortage of fresh vegetables and meat items at the headquarters.
The headquarters is largely dependent on neighbouring Tinsukia district of Assam for supply of fresh vegetables and meat items. However, with the nationwide lockdown in place, the supply of said items has been adversely affected leading to its shortage.
People here have stated that though the administration has earlier made arrangement for procuring of locally produced vegetables, its supply is not sufficient enough to meet the needs of them all.
“Unlike Bordumsa, Diyun and Jairampur of Changlang district, where locally produced vegetables are sufficient to meet demands of locals there, here in the Changlang headquarters local production is limited which is why we are facing much problem.
It has been over 40 days since the nationwide lockdown came into effect and while we did receive vegetables provided by the administration through NERCOMP once or twice during the whole lockdown period, it could only last a few days. It is clearly not sufficient,” said one local.
“After the lockdown was imposed, most of us bought locally grown vegetables but when its supply dwindled, we resorted to look for wild greens from the forests. But how long would it last,” said another local.
Also, others claimed that black-marketing has increased owing to the ongoing lockdown. They claimed that some wholesale retailers who are given permits from the administration to bring vegetables from outside the state charge double the original rate from the customers.
Moreover, supply of meat and fish is still prohibited in the district headquarters.
When contacted by this daily over phone on Wednesday, Changlang Deputy Commissioner Devansh Yadav informed that though ban on supply of vegetables from Assam still continues, vegetables will now be procured from Kharsang, Bordumsa and Diyun instead.
“Since Tuesday, we have started to bring vegetables. Vehicles will be moving within Namchik and Namdang check gates along with police escort teams. Trucks coming from Namchik check gate along with police escort will drop vegetables at Namdang gate and then return. Later, vehicles are sanitized but vegetables are directly supplied to the market because they have been procured from within the state and therefore, do not need to be sanitized,” the DC informed.
He further said that suppliers now will not be needing permits from the administration for procurement of vegetables from other parts of the district.
Meanwhile, replying to queries over the measures currently taken by the administration pertaining to movement of people needing urgent medical attention to Assam, the DC said, “They will be permitted to leave but we ask them to return the same day. If they are unable to return the same day, they will need to be home quarantined. Presently, doctors have been told to keep OPD operational and continue treatment at local level as best as possible,” he added.