Judge, entourage advised home quarantine

ITANAGAR, May 11: A judge of the Itanagar permanent bench of the Gauhati high court who entered the state on Monday has been advised home quarantine along with his entourage.
Justice S Serto, who was coming from Kohima, Nagaland, entered via the Hollongi check gate, where his vehicle was sanitized and his entourage underwent thermal scanning.
DMO Dr Tasso Kampu, who was present there, informed that Justice Serto will work from home and follow the home quarantine measures.
“Swab tests will be done on all of them,” she said, adding that medical protocol was followed while allowing the judge entry into the capital.
Capital SP Tumme Amo said that the judge was allowed in “as per the Supreme Court order, since he has come on an official visit.”
“However, all the members of the entourage underwent all protocols and the judge is under home quarantine,” informed the SP.
He informed that the visiting judge will be carrying out his official duty here through video-conference as the state’s bar association has decided to carry out all official work through online platforms.
“It is not a violation of the state government’s order as the order to only let supply vehicles through Hollongi check gate is for administrative convenience. There are many local residents also who enter through the Hollongi check gate, but they are given tokens for pass,” the SP said.