Christians offer schools, churches to govt to be used in Covid-19 battle

ITANAGAR, May 17: The Christian community of the state has offered various assets under them, including schools and churches to be used by the government in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.
Several schools run by the Catholic Church across the state have been given to the government to be used as quarantine centre.
The schools under the diocese of Itanagar at Seppa, Daporijo, Basar, Kaying, Aalo, Tato, Yingkiong and Mebo have already been taken over by the government to serve as quarantine centres.
Informing this, Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) president Toko Teki said the diocese is willing to place other schools too at the service of the government if situation demand.
Further, he added that in eastern Arunachal, too the Catholic schools at Khonsa, Miao, Changlang, Kheti, Diyun, Chongkham and few more are also being used by the government in the battle against Covid-19. The ACF president also stated that if need arises the churches are ready to extend all kind of cooperation to the government in the battle against pandemic Covid-19.
He urged the people to strictly follow the social distancing norms and stop refraining from violating the directives issued by the government in the best interest of the state and nation.