Amphan and the government’s silence

The effect of super cyclonic storm ‘Amphan’ is being felt across the North East region, including Arunachal Pradesh. Many districts in Arunachal Pradesh are witnessing heavy rainfall accompanied by thunderstorm since Thursday morning.
At a time when the whole nation is battling the Covid 19 pandemic, this extreme weather phenomenon has become an additional burden.
So far there has been no report of any large-scale devastation from any parts of the state. However, with the rain continuing to pour, there is every possibility of threat to human life and property.
The state government seems to be taking things easily. Proper advisories have not been issued by any of the district administration till now.
This callousness has potentials to cause disaster. In fact, by now the district administrations as well as disaster management authorities should have been put into service.
The people living near the riverside and landslide prone areas should be immediately evacuated. The state government also needs to pass an order banning all kinds of earth-cutting activities till the rain subsides.
Further, the citizens also should remain alert and keep away from landslide-prone areas.
The next few days are crucial and everyone will have to remain alert and keep safe.