Civilian-Army relation

Yet another incident of conflict between the Indian Army and civilians has been reported- this time from West Kameng district. The incident took place at Jameri under West Kameng district, wherein a scuffle broke out between civilians and the Army over the progress of road clearance at a blockade site.
This incident comes just days after a civilian died on-the-spot while several others sustained minor injuries after the Indian Army allegedly fired upon them at Pumao village in Longding district.
For years, the Indian army and people of Arunachal Pradesh have shared excellent rapport.
Almost all the north eastern states have been affected by insurgency, barring Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Even though Naga militant groups tried their best to spread their influence in the state, they have failed to a large extent. The people of the state have always rejected violence and believed in Indian democracy.
One of the reasons for strong relations between the security forces and civilians is mutual respect for each other. However, incidents like Jameri and Pumao can hurt this relation. A majority of the tribal population in the state is highly proud of its identity and are very proud Indians too.
To further cement the relationship with the people of Arunachal Pradesh and civilians, mutual respect should continue. Disrespecting each other will not be in the interest of both parties.