3 shopkeepers booked

TEZU, May 27: The legal metrology team of Lohit district booked three traders for violation of provisions of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 during its inspection at the Tezu market on Wednesday.
The team, consisting of East Zone Deputy Controller Minte Siga and Legal Metrology Assistant Controller CS Singpho, has booked two shopkeepers for selling cold drink products above the maximum retail price (MRP), while one trader was booked for using unverified weights and measures in his shops.
Stating that the mandate of the legal metrology department is to safeguard the interest of common consumer and protect their rights, Siga urged people of the district not to buy commodities in excess of MRP.
He also suggested the consumers to lodge complaint to the district legal metrology officer as and when they come across any type of irregularities as consumers, or they may dial at the state consumer helpline’s toll free number 1800 345 3601 seeking advice or suggestion.