TCL DIGP assesses police preparedness

JAIRAMPUR, May 28: Deputy Inspector General of Police (TCL) Kime Kaming toured Jairampur sub division on Thursday to assess the preparedness of the police personnel in tackling issues pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic, security and crime, in Changlang district.
The DIGP TCL visited both Nampong and Jairampur police stations and briefed the security personnel to maintain physical distance, and to use masks and sanitizers to stop the spread of the Covid-19.
He also instructed the personnel to be physically and mentally fit to curtail drug menace and underground elements in the region, and to deal with any situation effectively.
Kaming also visited the Jairampur ADC and assured him of full cooperation of the police department and discussed about the porous border of Manmao area, particularly of Pinbiro, to check illegal migrations.
He also visited Pangsau Pass to review security system and ensure that no cross border infiltrations occur, and interacted with the Assam Rifles personnel posted at the international border.
Later, he met Commandant, 19th Assam Rifle at the Jairampur Assam Rifle HQ and had detailed discussion on security scenario of the entire Jairampur sub division.
The DIGP was accompanied by SDPO Miao, OC PS Jairampur and OC PS Nampong.