ANYA demand report on financial position, APPSSB and highway

ITANAGAR, May 29: The All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has demanded the state government to present white paper on state’s financial position and status of highway compensation and APSSB job scams.
In a letter addressed to the chief minister on Friday, the ANYA alleged the present state government of ‘mis-utilizing public money by irresponsible management of govt. exchequer in the name of schemes.’ It also accused the state govt. of encouraging regionalism to cover up its misrule.
‘The schemes/projects approved by the govt. under cabinet committee on infrastructure (CCI) during 2019-2020 could not be sanctioned; it was only an eye wash for the public. No infrastructures were planned for revenue generations.
Whereas, the key sectors, such as education/health and other important social sector are suffering much even after good funding from the central govt. under fourteenth finance commission.
The govt. has been busy in distributing schemes to cover up political agenda only. Fund allocation has been reduced much during March 2020 which contradicts the budget allocation/announcements,’ stated the ANYA.
The association has further demanded DCM and planning & finance minister Chowna Mein to immediately step down from his post for misleading the people of state regarding the state budget and hiding the reality of the state’s economy.
It also accused the DCM of mismanaging the govt. fund and demanded immediate enquiry against him.
Further, seeking the status report of highway compensation and APSSB job scams, the ANYA has threatened to resort to democratic action in case the state government fails to provide an early response.