RGU concludes national webinar on ‘promoting mental health’

RONO HILLS, Jun 3: The two days national webinar on ‘Promoting mental health during Covid-19 crisis,’ organized by the Psychology department of the RGU, in collaboration with the Education department, concluded on Wednesday.
During the valedictory function, RGU Vice Chancellor Prof Saket Kushwaha, in his message to the participants, said that crisis management is also an art. He motivated them to work on their personality ‘for there is no better manager of the self than the person himself/ herself.’
Prof Kushwaha also called upon the participants to take the opposing voices in positive spirit ‘for opposition is good for development.’
In his address, RGU Registrar Prof Tomo Riba advised the participants for promoting mental health, taking cues from their personal and professional experiences.
Former dean of RGU’s education department and faculty Prof Jayadeba Sahoo called upon the participants to inculcate positive thoughts.
HoD in-charge of Psychology department, Dr Kaushalendra Pratap Singh highlighted on mental health which is being largely ignored. Referring to the Lancet commission report which emphasized suicide as a second leading cause of death among youth in India, he called upon the academia as well as mental health professionals to take it on priority.
Four participants representing the four different zones of the country also shared their overall experiences during the national webinar.
Among others, national webinar coordinator Dr Kakali Goswami and co-coordinator Yuma Narah also spoke.
Earlier, first technical session of the second day of webinar was delivered by Sampreeti Das, a Psychotherapist from Don Bosco University, Assam on ‘Understanding boredom and motivation.’
Prof C Lalfamkima Varte from Psychology department, RIIMS (Imphal) spoke on ‘Supporting the mentally vulnerable during Covid-19’.
The third and final technical session was delivered by Pampak Khumukcham, a Clinical Psychologist from RIIMS on the topic ‘Stress Management’.
Around 250 participants from across the country attended the webinar through Google Meet platform.