ANSU urges govt to review Covid-19 guidelines, seeks consultative meet with stakeholders

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: The All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) has urged the state government to review its latest Covid-19 guidelines by convening a consultative meeting with various stakeholders, as per the guideline issued by the home affairs ministry for phased reopening (Unlock 1), which states that phase-wise unlocking of areas and sectors are to be done after consultations.
Raising concern over the increasing number of Covid-19 positive cases in the state, the ANSU said no community-based organization was brought under consideration for discussions on ways to combat the pandemic, which it said has caused “many drawbacks.”
Extending support to the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union, the ANSU urged the state government to strengthen the mechanism to combat the situation, and to prevent further spread of the disease at the community level.
The union appealed to the government to recall the returnees who were sent for home quarantine after three days, and to test them again.
It demanded that the returnees be kept under strict quarantine and asked to complete the quarantine period even if they test negative. It also called for keeping track of the returnees who are in home quarantine, and conducting follow-up activities, “as many returnees do not follow home quarantine.”
The union sought better facilities at the quarantine centres in matters of food, sanitation and medical care, besides identifying more quarantine centres immediately, “as the PTC Banderdewa is functioning at full capacity,” and providing good quality equipment to the frontline workers.
On reports that many returnees have entered the state by illegal means and without reporting at quarantine centres, the union suggested carrying out random testing in and around the capital region.
It also demanded that the state government designate a different category for Chakmas who are found to be Covid-19 positive.
Vigilance by the district administration on the extravagant pricing by vegetable vendors and meat sellers was also suggested.
Seeking support from all community-based organizations in the matter, the ANSU requested the returnees and their parents or relatives to observe the standard operating procedures of the government and to follow them without causing any inconvenience to others.
“Your carelessness may be the cause of serious problems for your family members, friends and dear ones, and you should be responsible about it. The responsibility falls not only on the health workers or the government but on us, too,” it said.