NGO members distribute masks, sanitizers

SP warns against harassing the home-quarantined

HOLLONGI, Jun 7: Members of NGO Dream for United Arunachal (DUA) on Sunday visited the check gate here in Papum Pare district and expressed gratitude to all the frontline workers engaged in the battle against Covid-19.
The DUA members also distributed facemasks, sanitizers, gloves and edible items among the frontline workers.
“Putting their own lives at risk, the frontline workers, including health workers, police and administrative officials working in the field are protecting us. We thank them all from the bottom of our hearts,” DUA chairman Gumjum Haider said.
Capital SP Tumme Amo, who was also present, expressed serious concern over reports of people in home quarantine being harassed by their neighbours.
“The police have received complaints about colony people harassing the returnees who have completed institutional quarantine and been advised home quarantine. This is a very serious case and the police will be forced to take appropriate action if the situation goes out of control,” he said.
The police are also being unnecessarily harassed, the SP added.
“Yesterday (Saturday), the police received a complaint that someone had fled from a quarantine centre and reached their home. But when policemen reached the scene, they were told that the person had tested negative, completed institutional quarantine, and had gone home to continue home quarantine as advised by the health department. People should cross-check before spreading such rumours,” Amo said.
The Indian Medical Association’s Arunachal chapter president, Dr Lobsang Tsetim, who was also present, appealed to the people to stop stigmatizing Covid-19 patients and their families.
“The stigmatization will have a negative effect. In times like this, people should rise above religion or race and extend support to one another,” he said.
Dr Tsetim also appealed to the people to follow the directives issued by the health department, and urged those in home quarantine to strictly follow the quarantine measures in the interest of everyone.