Youth volunteers assisting admin

[ Tom Simai ]
JAIRAMPUR, Jun 7: Fifteen youths from Nampong, Jairampur, Manmao and Rima-Putok circles have volunteered to assist the local administration here in Changlang district in combating the Covid-19 pandemic.
Jairampur ADC Ibom Tao had on 29 May urged local youths to volunteer to help the administration in combating the pandemic and preventing panic from spreading within the four circles, following the reporting of Covid-19 positive cases in neighbouring Diyun, Miao and Bordumsa circles.
The local youths, who possess intimate knowledge of the region’s geography, as well as experience in dealing with villagers, are not only making door-to-door visits to monitor the people in home quarantine but
also guiding the people at the daily market, the post office, banks, etc, on maintaining social distance and wearing facemasks.
They are also maintaining strict vigilance to prevent infiltrators from entering the villages through the porous Indo-Myanmar border.
The volunteers constantly visit the people in home quarantine to inspect whether they have developed any symptoms of the disease. Due to the strict surveillance, the figure of protocol breach stands at zero.
Commending the altruistic activities of the volunteers, the ADC said, “It is an amazing experience to work with the local youths in such close proximity for the first time.”
He said the involvement of the youths “has helped in a colossal way to suppress the panic and flatten the threat, which otherwise would not have been possible.”