Pathetic ISTT and ISBT

The newly constructed interstate truck terminal (ISTT) along with the interstate bus terminal (ISBT) is in a shoddy condition. The ISTT was inaugurated in February during the Statehood Day by union Home Minister Amit Shah. But the condition is not upto mark. At present the trucks coming from various parts of the country are parked at the ISTT. But it does not have a proper drainage system and its boundary wall is also incomplete. Also, many of the toilets do not have proper water connection and there is no gate to check the entry of outsiders. How can a newly constructed building be in such a poor condition?
The ISBT, which is located not very far from the ISTT, is also in a horrible condition. The bus terminal regularly gets flooded by mud and water whenever there is rainfall. This has made life miserable for the passengers. It is reported that the condition of the building is also deteriorating, which is a matter of concern. Both the ISBT and the ISTT have been constructed by the urban development department. The department will have to take major blame for constructing such poor infrastructure, even though huge amount money was pumped in. Faulty design is the main cause of all the problems. The state government should take action against engineers of the UD department who were engaged in the construction of both the projects for failing to meet standards. Transport Minister Nakap Nalo recently announced that both the ISBT and the ISTT will be renovated in future. Hope this time the transport department engages the best engineers to rectify the problem. The ISBT and the ISTT are very important assets of the state. They should be properly maintained.