Webinar on English language held

ITANAGAR, Jun 8: The Himalayan University (HU) here, in association with Aligarh-based Mangalayatan University (MU) and Ranchi-based Usha Martin University (UMU) on Monday organized a webinar on ‘English for special purpose and academic writing’.
UMU vice chancellor, Dr Suresh Garg, who inaugurated the webinar, commended the HU “for this academic endeavour of sharing ideas and knowledge with students and faculty fraternity through webinars.”
HU assistant professor, Dr Doi Ette spoke on “the role of the Northeast in English literature,” focusing on writings from the region and the “representation of identity in the work of the Northeast writers.”
She quoted renowned authors of the Northeast, such as Mamang Dai, Srutimala Dauara, Sanjay Hazarika, and others.
Dr Farah Khan from MU advocated “using English as per audience,” and said “our language should be supported by our positive body language and body gestures.”
Dr Prakash Chand Panda from UMU stressed the role of “word rate, voice tone, pitch, verbal tics, volume and enunciation,” and added that “pause” also plays an important role in communication, citing the example of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who used pauses to great effect.
Dr Shimpi Kumar Chaturvedi from UMU spoke on communication and the English language. “English can change life and melt the cultural barriers,” she said.
HU registrar, Dr Vivek Mittal also spoke.