Action needed to stop child labour: Childline Dir

ITANAGAR, Jun 12: Childline Itanagar Director, Fr Cyriac expressed concern over the increasing number of cases of child labour in Arunachal and said something needs to be done to arrest the problem.
Attending a training programme for the Childline staffers by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) here on Friday, Fr Cyriac said that “child labour has become endemic in Arunachal and something is needed to be done before it assumes monstrous proportions.”
He spoke about how child labour is being covertly perpetrated even in the capital complex. “The government needs to deal with the menace of child labour with an iron hand,” Fr Cyriac said.
CWC chairperson Likha Asha highlighted the power and functions of the CWC, and how it can support the activities of Childline.
CWC member Jaya Doji spoke about the role and functions of Childline, while another CWC member, AT Tara, spoke on this year’s World Day against Child Labour’s theme, ‘Covid-19: Protect children from child labour, now more than ever’.
Tara also conducted a session on “the way forward for Childline in the face of Covid-19 and related issues.”
CWC members Ngurang Nama and Habung Gyati, and state coordinator for the Human Rights Law Network, Madan Mili also participated in the programme.