Gov compliments blood donors on WBDD

ITANAGAR, Jun 13: Governor BD Mishra has conveyed his compliments to all the blood donors on the occasion of the World Blood Donor Day (WBDD).
Stating that blood donors have helped the sick and the wounded and saved many lives by their humanitarian act, the governor expressed hope that the occasion would motivate more able-bodied youths to voluntarily donate blood.
“Many patients battling with precarious health conditions require urgent blood. It is under such helpless conditions that blood donation gives them new life. There can be no better satisfaction for a human being than to contribute and experience a life-saving act. It makes the blood donor proud and gives a purpose to his/her existence – the feeling that
a difference has been made to someone else’s survival,” Mishra said in a message.
The governor, who is the president of the Indian Red Cross Society’s state branch, said that “in a welfare society, ensuring continuous and adequate availability of blood for the needy at the right time, by regular donation of blood, is a social obligation of every individual.”
He urged all eligible blood donors and voluntary organizations to continue their mission with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.
“I commend and compliment all benevolent volunteers and gratis blood donors for their precious gift of blood for saving the lives of others,” he said. (Raj Bhavan)