IMC should redeem itself

Recently, garbage collection across the state capital was stopped for many days. Along the highway and in the colonies, heaps of garbage were seen lying unattended. The scene, particularly along NH 415, looked very ugly. Market areas in Itanagar and Naharlagun were full of garbage. Later it emerged that the Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) failed to collect garbage because of fund issues. The IMC had failed to clear dues for POL items, and therefore the petrol depots refused to provide diesel. It was only when the issue made it to the headlines of the local newspapers that the authorities swung into action.
The IMC, ever since it came into existence, has failed to perform upto mark. It has always been bogged down by controversies. The job scam and allegation of corruption badly hurt the image of the IMC. Recently, Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso also expressed unhappiness over the quality of the drain constructed by the IMC at C 1 Sector in Itanagar. In the next few years, under the smart city project, the IMC will get a massive fund for improvement of infrastructure in the capital complex. These funds should be judiciously used. This is a good opportunity for the IMC to redeem itself. It can win back the trust of the citizens by doing quality work. Also, in future they should not repeat the mistake of delaying paying for POL items. This is such embarrassing news. It is in the interest of everyone to keep the capital complex neat and clean. Further, the IMC should regularly maintain all the vehicles under it.